There are many ways to get in touch with us.

I have a question about a Church…

If you have a question about a Church, the best way is to get in touch with the wardens for that particular church. They are the ones responsible for the building itself.

St. Thomas’

Des Roberts: Tel: 01978 843 380

John Phillips: Tel: 01978 841 392

Email: stthomas AT

St. David’s

John Phillips: Tel: 01978 841 392

Email: stdavids AT

I have a question about baptism…. 

If you are looking to have your child baptised (also sometimes known as christening), it is best to contact the vicar for a date. Baptisms always happen on a Sunday, at 13:00 (1pm). Baptisms are FREE. We do not charge anything for a baptism, though the vicar will ask if people want to give donations to help support the charity work of the church at the end of the service. There is no requirement to give a donation if you don’t want too.

To book a baptism, we’re asking people to come to one of our all-age services. These are short services, open to everyone, followed by tea and coffee. After one of our all-age services, one of our volunteers or the priest will book your baptism with you.

Our All-Age services are:

3rd Sunday of the Month, 9:30, St. Thomas’ Penycae

4th Sunday of the Month, 11:00, St. David’s, Rhos

You don’t have to come to a service in the church you want the baptism, just come to the service most convenient for you.

I have a question about a wedding….

We are available to make your special day as special as we possibly can. If you are from the area, you are welcome to be married in any of our churches.

The cost for 2019 is £580.

That includes: The hire of the building, all the legal fees, the hire of the priest, and the organist. Everything you need is included in that one single payment. You can have as many people at your wedding as we can physically fit in church, there is no extra payment per seat!. If you would like to be married, the best way is to contact the vicar.

I have a question about being visited/having someone I know visited….

Sometimes an elderly person can find themselves being quite lonely, and could do with a bit of company. This is something the church is very good at doing. They don’t need to have attended our church to be visited by us. We also don’t need to talk about God, if that’s not their thing. It can also happen that a church has lost contact with some of it’s previously regular members for a number of reasons. If you know of someone who would like to be visited by us, please contact the vicar.

I have a question about contacting the vicar…

The contact details of our vicar are below:

The Rev’d Phil Bettinson.

Rev'd Phil Bettinson

Address: The Vicarage, Wrexham Road, Johnstown, LL14 1PE

Email: vicar AT (replace the word AT with @)

Twitter: @RevBettinson


Tel: 01978 846204