We are Hafod Family of Churches, which are St. David’s Rhosllanerchrugog, and St. Thomas’ Penycae. We are a group of Anglican churches (also known as the Church In Wales (similar to the Church of England)) that are part of the Offa Mission Area.

Each of our churches has something unique about them. This has come from the communities they serve, and the traditions that bring life to their worship.

St. David’s also known as Dewi Sant is a bi-lingual (Welsh/English) church. All of their services contain are bil-lingual. It is a community that enjoys it’s fellowship, and is open to everyone, regardless of what languages they do, or don’t speak.

St. Thomas’ is a relaxed community, based around a modern-leaning worship.  Their services are relaxed, and joyful.

Together we are the Hafod Family of Churches.

We are part of the Offa Mission Area